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Unlock the Power of Productivity with Workpay and AMI!

The Workpay & AMI strategic partnership brings together the expertise of Workpay in HR and payroll management with the renowned business growth with enterprise learning & training programs offered by AMI. Together, we provide comprehensive employee productivity solutions for businesses of all sizes.
  • Are you looking for comprehensive employee productivity solutions, covering HR and payroll management, as well as leadership and management training?
  • Do you need expertise and experience in HR, Payroll, and employee management, along with leadership and management training, specifically tailored for Africa?
  • Are you interested in streamlined processes, integrating employee data management and training and development programs to save time and effort, while maximizing results?
  • Do you want to empower your team with the right tools and training to drive business growth, build a high-performing workforce, and fuel your organization's success through our partnership?
When your teams are performing better, your company grows as a result. Training is only effective and a worthwhile investment when individual performance are improved with practical skills. Unfortunately, training built for African businesses and teams is hard to find.

That’s why Workpay and the African Management Institute (AMI), two of Africa’s leaders in game changing workplace solutions have partnered to help Workpay customers power their team’s performance through AMI’s workforce learning solutions.

Whether an entrepreneur, a business owner, or leader of a team within a large company, AMI’s workplace learning and business growth programmes offer the practical, African-focused training you’ve been looking for
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