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The Importance of Paying Your Employees on Time in Kenya


Employees satisfaction is vital to the success of any company this goes hand in hand with the importance of paying your employees on time in Kenya.With the ever-growing technology, taking care of the employees has never been more efficient. As an entrepreneur, you should understand that employees are an important asset to your business.They are responsible for what your company is today. The employees represent the company’s values and give a face to the company name.Therefore, if you treat your employees right be sure that they will treat your customers right in return hence The Importance of Paying Your Employees on Time.As Mark Zuckerberg said, “Treat your employees right so that they won’t use your internet to look for new jobs.” Well, here is how.


Everyone wants to feel valued.When your employees feel valued they will tend to move above and beyond the company.They will hold themselves accountable for any project that they are handling.With today's ever-growing cost of living, increased bonuses and salaries are primary staff motivators. However, if you are not in apposition to do so, pay your employees on time at set intervals. This gives them a sense of financial control and security,

Accurate and efficient payroll

Satisfied employees will always want to go an extra mile.Happy employees always translate into tangible inevitable increased profits and success. Apart from maybe passion, remuneration is a major reason why your employees work for you.Late and incorrect payslips will lead your company to lose its most important assets. Therefore, to achieve the employee’s satisfaction, invest in good payrolls.Save your employees from the hustle of calculating their overtime every time the salaries are out. Most importantly ensure that you pay your employees in accordance with the agreed frequency. Be it weekly or monthly, ensure that you fulfill your end of the bargain.

Invest in a payroll software

Processing payrolls manually can be time-consuming, expensive and laborious.With a good payroll software, you are assured of effectiveness, efficiency, and accuracy. Keeping in mind that payroll process is more than just signing a check for your employees, you need to invest in a payroll that meets your requirement.Some of the things involved in a payroll process are taxes, benefits, allowances, contributions paid and unpaid leaves etc.Some companies may opt to use accounting software for payrolls.Unfortunately, this might lead to overlaps in various areas. This is because even though an accounting software might include payroll, chances are that it might not include all the features dedicated to a payroll solution.Although outsourcing a payroll is another option, it comes with its share of challenges.It can cost more than an overall payroll software. Moreover, there are possible mistakes that might come with the payslips hence upsetting your staffs even if it wasn’t your mistake. Also, sharing your employees financial and personal information is a sensitive matter.

In conclusion

Employees satisfaction might be against everything that you were taught. That is, the customer comes first.However, as an entrepreneur, you need to understand that if you take care of your employees they will take care of your customers hence The Importance of Paying Your Employees on Time in Kenya. Remember paying your employees on time is one step to keeping them happy and satisfied.

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